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Zhejiang ONSENSE Home Science and Technology Co.,Ltd is located in the home of China wood flooring, wooden doors, whole wood custom – Nanxun, which is a large household group enterprise specializing in professional floor, wooden door and whole wood development. Found in 2007, ONSENSE regards "scientific and technological innovation, leading the development of China's domestic industry" as the mission and insists on product quality environmental protection, standardized management system. We produce floor by heart by importing French multiple high-end production line and adopting Germany Treffert water paintings and eventually become China's flooring industry leader brand and win customers and industry’s unanimous praise.

ONSENSE floor, Controlled by the French ONSENSE Holdings Limited, with the main drafting unit of Vice chairman of China Association of forest products industry, national standard High abrasion resistant wooden floor, national standard Solid wood floor for heating, have won major domestic engineering contribution award, China's flooring industry outstanding contribution award and won the China's top ten brands for six consecutive years.

The company has designed and developed a series of national patent, such as carbon crystal geothermal, double screen stability, million turn, platinum surface, 3D true grain, fingerskrouters, which has won CE EU environmental safety certification and China Environmental Labeling Products, identified "Zhejiang famous brand products” and  "Zhejiang province famous trademark authority honor" by Zhejiang provincial government departments.

As 30 years of outstanding contributions to China's Wood Industry enterprise, ONSENSE floor and wooden door have high reputation among industries and has become the industry benchmark for high-quality environmental protection products. With the advent of the era of home professional customization, ONSENSE was awarded the whole wood Custom 30 companies.

With continued expansion of territory of National Exclusive Shop, ONSENSE are devoted to creating a respected brand and practice enterprise idea of the joy of customers, employees and company.

Brand Story

Napoleon Bonaparte,1769-1821, called wonder-worker, is French modern bourgeois military strategist, statesman, mathematician, French Republic first ruling(1799-1804), French first emperor(1804-1815), Italy King, Federal protector of Rhine and Swiss Confederation arbiter.

Napoleon Bonaparte was born at the Corsican city of Ajaccio at 1769. He came from Italy aristocratic family. When Corsica was sold to France, The king of France recognize his father as the nobility of the kingdom of France. Under the arrangement of father Charles Bonaparte, Napoleon Bonaparte accepted education at French military buliaina when he was 9 years old. After graduating with honors in 1784, he was sent to Paris Military Academy and majoyed in artillery.

On February 22, 1806, Napoleon Bonaparte beated Austrian and Russian forces at Battle of O Rosdale Litz. He built Triumphal Arch and gave the hero title awarded a knighthood to showed ONSENSE serve leader with talent. From this time on, ONSENSE become synonymous with glory and identity.

From Triumphal Arch to today, Paris people still respect knight with Napoleonic era armor and sword to remember French pride and continue the great glory, invincible spirit of the knight.

Born in an influencial family and Inherited the French aristocratic descent, ONSENSE brand is introduced by Zhejiang ONSENSE Home Technology Co.,Ltd, controlled by French ONSENSE Holding Co.,Ltd. Its unusual materials and elegant temperament  strongly atracts China market.

Originating from high end brand, ONSENSE inherits the spirits of humble, courage, honor, honesty, fairness and appreciation that European Knights have, which shows royal demeanor and modern fashion sense.

Honor Progress

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“Onsense shows the return of royal demeanour and otherworldly modern fashion quality by following the fashion of European modern home design and maintaining the knight’s spirits of glory, victory, corage and confidence. Conbined with French luxurious noble style, Onsense is destined to be well respected and touted by the upper class.

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