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Double screen stability

Good floor should be judged by two sides

Double screen stability adopts international leading water-based coating system and first create floor double screen technology. It makes use of the characteristic of natural grain's both positive and negative symmetry and equal stress and truly achieve not only to lock floor moisture omnibearing with 360°but also be waterproof and anti deformation, which do extend the service life of solid wood floor and bring high end French home lifeexperience.

Technology Main Points
  • Antioxidation
  • High Transparency
  • Scratch Resistance
  • High Environment Protection
  • Good Stability
Process analysis chart for double screen stability

Enjoy natural, double-sided beautity

The work of change for solid wood floor' appearance and double finishing technology of industry first creation improve the natual beauty of double floor and increase the beauty of wood grain, which brings you back to nature.

Wear resistance and Anti-scratch; The king of stability 

Adopted the test of anti-scratch water paint systerm, it not only has a special character of anti linear scratch but also of anti rotation scratch. In the process of transpotation, installation and use, it shows strong anti-scratch stability.

Antibiosis and clean; Best environmental protection

It offers you a surface with easy clean and high security, whose environmental paint has the characters of resisting stains and bacterial breeding. It is available for baby and give you a more safe and environmental home environment.

Extraordinary vision; Crystal sense

Extraordinary touch, crystal visual perception and soft silky experience differs from other brand's product. We only retain the most pure natural fragrance and give you different emotional enjoyment.

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