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Underfloor Heating Solid Wood Flooring

Selected from precious tree more than hundred years and 20% fine raw materials, every floor can achieve continuous 5000 hours to withstand more than 60 degrees above the baking limit test after 60 process flow and 15 strict check. At the same time, in order to protect the floor omnibearing, it is adopted six side sealing technologies to improve stability. The floor is added brand unique carbon crystal geothermal system to achieve perfect match between floor and geothermal heating, which open a fashion warm life for you.

  • Pure
    Do not change the nature of logs
  • More
    Strengthen stability performance
  • Super
    Energy saving and environmental protection
  • Double screen technology
    Good floor should be judged by two sides
6 core advantages; Good quality promission
Six Core Advantages Of Excellent Quality Assurance
  • Lock catch technology
  • Wood materials are strictly selected
  • Water balanced control
  • 6 sides protected paintings
  • Silent system
  • Installation support
Lock catch technology
Lock patented technology

Application and innovation of China mortise technology of ancient building and application of lock to strenthen connection tension between floors make a piece of floor into one to absorb and release the internal stress of the floor , which can allow the floor to have superior heat resistance and dimensional stability as well as humidity stability.

Wood species strict selection
Wood species strict selection

Not all wood can be produced to floor, also not all the floor can be geothermal. Only the wood with good stability, thin wood fiber pipe and well-distributed density can be made to geothermal floor. ONSENSE strictly select previous trees more than 100 years and a series of geothermal materials, such as teak, rosewood, rosewood.

Water balanced control
Water balance control

It can be tested because of profession. “Two balance, the three regimen ”is the results that ONSENSE has explored and summaried many years to ensure the best balance of water, which makes the same direction of wet expansion and dry shrinkage and ensure the strongest stability when heated and damp.

6 sides protected paintings
Six full-proof coating

The floor is adopted Germany Treffert water paint. Six sides of the whole process will be integrated into a unified coating to prevent moisture penetration, which ensures high stability of solid wood flooring.

Silent system
Patent Quiet System

The floor is sealed again by ultra smooth dense material on the sides and ends and covered with silent film, which not only make the installation more smooth but also work out noise of normal solid wood floor and eventually make the home more comfortabe and piece.

Installation support
Patents protect the installation

In order to ensure good user's experience, the floor is adopted unique installation and security service system. Equipped with patent of Plug type wall skirting line, floor’s inner value is totally acchieved by strict rules for the use of ambient moisture, strict truncation surface treatment procedure and Strict consumer acceptance procedures .

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