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Why choose ONSENSE floor?

8 Brand Advantages
  • Brand Advantages

    French ONSENSE brand is respected and enjoyed by the upper class society because of its extraordinary birth and noble temperament.

  • Service advantages

    National free service hotline:400-8888-158,Control feedback in time; Comply with A home service standard; Offer customer A home service standard omnibearing and satisfied service

  • Product advantages

    Except rich product lines and pluralistic product catagories, we also have 3 series products of solid wood, solid composite wood and laminate, whose color can be up to hundreds. Also we produce a series of whole wood home products, such as wooden door, panel and cabinet.

  • Team advantages

    We have a ONSENSE team with high quality, rich experience, dedication and loyalty, and strong execution. Also we have market operation mode and training system to ensure every store can be successfully open.

  • Quality advantages

    ONSENSE only produce A grade board and only select French Treffert water painting. At the same time we import Germany Mike power and other high-end production line equipment to ensure floor’s quality by 9 super penetration technology and platinum crystal surface treatment.

  • Policy advantages

    The company developed a series of policies, such as decoration, opening, activities, advertising, training, rebates to help distributor achieve fast operation. We strictly carry out regional protection and price protection policy to solve customer worries.

  • Patent advantages

    State authorized patent product:Carbon crystal geothermal、 Double screen stability、 Million turn、 platinum crystal surface、 3D true grain, ect.

  • Marketing advantages

    We help distributor to establish marketing team and make a a series of new profit model, such as the president of signings, the president of signings.

ONSENSE floor advantages

ONSENSE floor brand strength

ONSENSE floor, brands under the Zhejiang ONSENSE Home Technology Co.,Ltd, Controlled by the French ONSENSE Holdings Limited, specializes in floor manufacturing and R&D. Found in 2007, ONSENSE regards "scientific and technological innovation, leading the development of China's domestic industry" as the mission and insists on product quality environmental protection, standardized management system. We produce floor by heart by importing French multiple high-end production line and adopting French Treffert water paintings and eventually become China's flooring industry leader brand.

ONSENSE floor brand join

Join conditions

1.You should specialize in Onsense floor series products and are willing to cooperate in the long term and seek common development;

2.You should have experience in sales of building materials or similar industries and established sales channels and good public relations’ foundation;

3.You should have superior store condition and the area fits in with Onsense floor shop standard.( Provincial level≥100㎡,City level≥80㎡,County level≥60㎡)

4.You should have a good financial situation and value credits as well as accept cash spot trading principles;

5.You should have good comprehensive service ability, such as transport equipment, professional installation service personnel and ect;

6.You should attach importance to management and have good internal organization management. Staff has high quality and strong project sales ability;

7.You should have certain promotion ability and plan to invest in advertising promotion of the corresponding human and material resources;

8.You should adhere strictly to other items on Onsense floor regional distributorship agreement.

Join policy

1.Jion policy and process;2. You are ensured the exclusive distribution rights in the agreed area;3. You are allow to use ONSENSE brand VI and intellectual property right;

4.You are offered design plan for speciality stores and enjoy high subsidies to support the store decoration;5.You enjoy the company's advertising subsidy policy support;

6.You enjoy training supports for installation personnel, shopping guide staff, distributors at all levels;7.You also enjoy the supports for promotional products and promotional materials;

8.You can enjoy flexible manufacture cooperative development model and specially customized engineering product;9.Year-end sales reward support after finish company’s sales target.

Join process

Join application

Thank you for your attention. If you have the intention to join, please fill in and submit the following information. Thank you for your trust again.
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